The 3D Sunflower Blossom 向日葵的背面

The 3D Sunflower Blossom 向日葵的背面

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Date made : 2023

Medium and support : 3D Modeling, AI generative music, Blender

Co-curated with : Kimbol (Mauritius, digital artist)

Limited to 144 Editions


This artwork aims to offer a multifaceted exploration of Vincent van Gogh's home stories through an immersive 3D digital art experience. Utilizing advanced techniques like 3D modeling and AI-generated music, we recreate the vibrancy of Van Gogh's sunflowers, inviting viewers into a fresh world of beauty and emotion. These works are not just art; they are heartfelt expressions, immersed in Van Gogh's colorful world, accompanied by music, as if wandering through a sunflower field.

Collected by the Van Gogh Sites Foundation and the Van Gogh Village Museum on March 30, 2024, this artech piece will be exhibited alongside other works in the Sunflower Exhibition planned by the foundation in the Netherlands in the second half of this year.

In addition to hoping that everyone can feel the positive energy contained in Van Gogh's sunflowers and cultivate appreciation, we also pay tribute to entrepreneurs and innovators. Cyberport has nurtured many talents like them, who have countless stories of hard work and dedication beneath their shining surface. Therefore, our team has created the first work in the "Van Gogh 3D Sunflower" series, titled "The Hidden Side of Sunflower," to salute these entrepreneurs who strive for innovation and to inspire every participant through art and innovation.

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