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How can I buy art through your online store?

1) Please select the artworks you would like to purchase

2) Click "Add to Cart" and continue to browse other works

3) Click on the cart on the top right of the page to review your selection

4) Click on the "Checkout" once you have made your purchasing decision

5) Fill your information and make the payment

How can I pay for the art I selected?

You can pay by clicking on the "Checkout" button and selecting the payment method.

- Currently we are only accepting payments through PayPal. Other payment methods will be coming soon.

- If you would like to make a bank transfer, please send us an email and we will get back to you shortly

Where can I find special offers and discounts for your store?

We run special promotions and discounts regularly through our social media channels and newsletter.

Please follow our channels to catch up on the latest deals, events, and promotions:

Are there any fees when ordering outside of Hong Kong?

Yes, by purchasing from us outside of Hong Kong, you agree to pay any required additional duty, taxes, and fees that may be charged in your country. Failure to do so may result in parcel forfeiture, and we will be unable to issue a refund.

How does shipping work?

The shipping cost will depend on a number of many factors including your delivery area, the contents of your order (size, weight, materal), delivery time and more.

Most works will be shipped from Hong Kong

My package was marked as delivered, but I haven't received it. Can you please reship?

If the postal carrier marks a package as delivered, we cannot issue a replacement or refund due to theft at your residence. However, we will assist you in filing a claim with the carrier.

Are estimated shipping and transit times guaranteed?

No, shipping times are estimates and may vary due to unforeseen circumstances

Where is the gallery located?

The gallery currently is located in Hong Kong SAR, China

Can I refund artworks that I bought?

Unfortunately all purchases are final and cannot be refunded due to a change of heart.

Once an artwork is purchased, an order for authenticating the work will be issued with the buyer's name and information.

Only in the circumstance there is a defect in the artwork when it is to be shipped or cannot be authenticated, our team will cancel the order for you.

Is my payment information secure on your website?

All payments on our website are processed through a secure server. Your personal and payment details are kept safe.

How do I know the artworks I bought are authentic?

Depending on the artwork's artist a specific authentication process will be issued for each purchased works. These may be in the form of a certificate or unique identification number that is shared to the collector of the work and the authenticator.

For more information, please check the FAQ for each collection

What is the authentication process for the VG39 Collection?

1) Once a purchase is confirmed. Appreciator send an email to you to claim your digital certificate using the Appreciator Wallet App (supports iOS & Android)

2) We will relay your information to the Van Gogh Sites Foundation to record and issue a certificate under your name with a unique code.

3) The physical items (physical collectible, digital screen, certificates) will be delivered directly to you

4) Please make sure to store the certificate in a safe place

What is the authentication process for the Catharsis Collection?

1) We will issue a unique code tied to the artwork and pair it with your personal information

2) A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist will be issued to the buyer and Appreciator for tracking the work and authenticating it.

3) Please make sure to store the certificate in a safe place

What is the authentication process for the Salvo Pastorello Collection?

1) Once a purchase is confirmed. Appreciator will take images of the front and back of the artwork to be checked by the Authentication board of Salvo Pastorello's works

2) The authentication board will issue 2 certificates of authentication with one seal placed between the two certificates so that they match when placed next to each other. One will be kept by the board and the other will be sent to your address.

3) They will issue you a form to send the authentication form to your address

4) Please make sure to store the certificate in a safe place

Who is Salvo Pastorello?

Salvo Pastorello is an Italian artist with over 30 years work. He was featured at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011 and Art Miami in 2000. Having participated in over 60 exhibitions around the world, his art reflects his global experience and commentary brought on by the collective philosophies of his origin as well as oriental ones. Often featuring irony, satire, and interpretive stories that express certain periods of the past, his works are rich with narratives and imaginative possibilities. He now lives and works between China and Italy.

What can I use the Authentication certificate for?

The authentication certificate is a way for the original creator of the artwork to verify whether the purchased work is really the work of the artist.

The certificate can be used for various purposes such as provenance, proof of authenticity, and used when reselling or donating the work to other parties.

For example, if the artwork is put up for auction, the auction house can verify the authenticity of a work and its value by checking with the relevant authentication boards of an artist.

I lost my authentication certificate for for the Salvo Pastorello Collection can I get a new one?

Yes, it is possible to get a new certificate but this will require the artwork to be re-authenticated by the artist. An authentication fee will be charged to you.

For more information please visit their website

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders can typically be canceled as long as they haven't been processed by our fulfillment network. However, our system is fully automated, and the cancellation window is extremely short. If your order is past its cancellation period, you must initiate a return. 

Having problems accessing website

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You may aslo try to access the website using a different browser or device

Please make sure to first check if it is an issue with the device or your internet connection

If the issue still persists please contact jin@appreciator.io for further assisstance