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Relationships (Installation Art)

Relationships (Installation Art)

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Artist: Francisco Hauss

Material: Drawings over Kashmir wool fabric, high resolution prints over silk fabric, wood, and hand-stitched patterns 

About the Artist: Francisco Hauss, born in 1982, emerged from Mexico's esteemed Nuevo Mundo University with a Bachelor's in Communication Sciences. Now rooted in Shanghai, he traverses diverse artistic domains – installation, sculpture, performance, and painting. Commencing in 2008, he's curated solo exhibitions in Shanghai and Mexico, his allure reaching far corners. Collaborative showcases too, transcending borders and charming collectors across China, South America, and Europe. Recently, a pinnacle: invitation to New York's prestigious "Over No Wall" exhibition, an emblem of his meteoric ascent. Francisco, a beacon of the contemporary art scene, fuses creation with collaboration. With acclaimed designer furniture brands, he sculpts collectibles uniting art and function, enriching spaces with his artistic grace.

About the Work: This installation highlights the Hong Kong Impatiens, a flower exclusive to the region. Its seeds disperse via "small explosions," using water networks for wider reach. The work juxtaposes macro systems (weather) with micro expressions (flower seeds) through poetic weather data visuals. Animations on red and blue screens interact with the central piece depicting the flower's evolution, encouraging empathy and a deeper perspective on nature's connection to weather.


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