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Relationships (Digital Edition 2 of 2)

Relationships (Digital Edition 2 of 2)

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Artist: Wendy Wang

Material: Digital Artwork

About the Artist: Wendy Shijia Wang, based in Shanghai, China, stands as a data artist who masterfully fuses creativity and analytical prowess. Her fervor lies in translating intricate information into captivating visual narratives, bridging the divide between data and human understanding. With a keen interest in Maps, Wendy has spent the last four years actively publishing digital data artworks and imparting data visualization expertise to diverse audiences. She firmly believes in the potential of everyone to become a data artist and remains committed to sharing her knowledge and skills. Beyond her craft, Wendy finds solace in gardening and hiking, drawing inspiration from the realm of plants and nature.

About the Work: This installation highlights the Hong Kong Impatiens, a flower exclusive to the region. Its seeds disperse via "small explosions," using water networks for wider reach. The work juxtaposes macro systems (weather) with micro expressions (flower seeds) through poetic weather data visuals. Animations on red and blue screens interact with the central piece depicting the flower's evolution, encouraging empathy and a deeper perspective on nature's connection to weather.


*Note: Physical Works sold Separately

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