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Crowd 被大量信息籠罩的人 (2011)

Crowd 被大量信息籠罩的人 (2011)

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Artist: Salvo Pastorello

Size: 75X110 cm

Material: Mixed Media 混合材质

About the Artist: Born in Sicily, Pastorello has been a resident of Verona and abroad for several years. He began his journey as an artist with an apprenticeship in the Ateliers for Italian Artists, and in 1974, his artistic endeavors were launched in Verona, where his reputation slowly ascended until present day. Pastorello’s paintings have been displayed at key international art events both in and out of Italy, including the Art Miami(2000/2001) and the 54th Venice Biennale(2011).

Pastorello subscribes to the Oriental philosophy, which carried him onto work exchanges involving the Chinese culture, where for the past 12 years has seen him travel between China and his native country. In addition to invitations for exhibitions and creation of his artworks, the painter also receives numerous requests for artist-dialogue as well as speech-giving sessions. Pastorello is a visiting professor of arts at the Hunan Academy of Arts & Crafts. He also holds the position of Art Director at the Associazione Cina-Italia di Shanghai for culture exchange programs.

Pastorello currently resides at Pietrasanta, Toscana with his wife and has a studio in Verona.

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