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To Those Thriving (2 Painting Set)

To Those Thriving (2 Painting Set)

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Artist: Neil Wang

Size: 80x120 cm

Material: Oil on Canvas

About the Artist: Neil Wang followed a remarkable career as an artist whose journey into the realm of art commenced in 2018. Drawing inspiration from traditional culture, architecture, and still-life art, Neil masterfully intertwines these diverse elements, giving rise to an unmistakably unique style that intricately weaves nature into his creations. Renowned for his exceptional talent, Neil has collaborated with esteemed entities, including Jordan Brand, NikeHKG, DFS T-Galleria, DBS Bank, HSBC, Starbucks, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Henderson Land Development, etc., crafting awe-inspiring murals and brand visual spectacles. His artistic pieces emanate an exceptional ambiance and depth that captivates audiences. Whether a grand-scale mural or a delicate piece of artistry, Neil infuses his unparalleled creative vision into each project. Neil is a true luminary in the contemporary artistic landscape.

About the Work: Amidst a lifeless realm, solitary flowers bloom, defying the darkness. Yet, these blooms aren't nature's creation; they're meticulously crafted artifice. This work humorously questions life's authenticity in death and ponders the artificiality of existence. Blending physical and digital elements, visitors navigate this world, seeking catharsis through its intriguing contrasts.


*Note: Digital Works sold Separately

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