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The World First Vincent van Gogh
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Connecting with Vincent Van Gogh after 170 years

Vincent Van Gogh's deep connection to Brabant shaped both his life and art. With 46 Van Gogh Monuments scattered throughout the region, Brabant reveres his cherished homeland. This digital art project commemorates his significant landmarks, honouring his legendary journey and preserving his legacy for future generations.


About The 39 Van Gogh Phygitial Collection

In the enchanting realm of Vincent Van Gogh's artistry, nature stands as a silent witness to his profound love for his homeland. Its captivating beauty becomes his eternal muse, breathing life into every stroke of his brush.

From the heart of Vincent's beloved homeland, a single leaf is delicately plucked by the skilled hand of our artist. It carries the weight of authenticity, embodying the essence of the land that inspired Van Gogh's masterpieces. Through the marvels of 3D scanning and printing technology, this fragile leaf transforms into a digital masterpiece, a vivid embodiment of Vincent's artistic spirit. Simultaneously, it takes physical form as a 3D-printed silver fine piece, carefully encased within a bespoke wooden box, crafted in the sacred triptych style.

As these art pieces come alive, they seamlessly intertwine with photographs, letters, and the historical significance of each monument. With a touch of imagination, we conjure the very presence of Vincent himself, his graceful movements and impassioned gestures etched into the digital realm. The resonance of this ancient art form echoes through time, invoking a dance of memories from the past and igniting a flame of hope for the future.

The Van Gogh 39 Collection embarks on a sacred mission—to awaken the dormant inspiration within every soul, nurturing a profound appreciation for art and the natural world, mirroring Vincent's own reverence. Embark on this immersive journey, dear traveller, and venture back in time.

Discover the essence of Vincent Van Gogh, not as a mere painter, but as a vibrant and extraordinary soul whose legacy continues to inspire us all. 

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